Physical Therapy. First choice in the healthcare market.

The  healthcare market is growing steadily. With our offer, we provide dedicated therapists with the opportunity to position themselves successfully in this dynamic environment. Especially in prevention and rehabilitation, training on milon and five equipment sets new standards. In the past, training and therapy on medical equipment was reserved for top athletes. On the milon Q machines, with the help of the training type isokinetics therapy, exactly this experience can become reality for your members- and much easier to handle, but no less effective in its effect.

Isokinetic therapy

In combination with the revolutionary back and joint concept of five, these training concepts are perfectly suited to free people from pain, combat physical limitations and thus permanently increase quality of life and enjoyment of life. All milon Q devices are registered as an active medical device in accordance with the requirements of the current Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and are suitable for medical use.