milon & five Trainingworlds

We simplify training: The new milon and five training worlds are based on the latest sports science and physiotherapy findings. The modular structure offers the possibility to combine your existing concepts and techniques in a meaningful way and to address all target groups - from patients over members to competitive athletes.

From guided movement to free strength coordination, the various modules offer all users a permanently varied experience - including training control and smart control! This starts with the biomechanical functional analysis and the screening and extends to the multidimensional training. Until now you had to decide: Do you go the medical way or the general fitness way. The new concept offers a coherent customer journey that maps all relevant facets of training, ensures the success of your members and enables you as an entrepreneur to have comprehensible and, above all, learnable processes on the training floor.


Inform, Weilburg

At Lockdown, Jonathan Robles takes the bold step of converting his facility and concept to Training Worlds. "After just a few weeks, I can already say: It was worth it! It's high time we became more demand-driven as a training provider and trainer, bringing new concepts and ideas to those who train."

We want to meet all members where they currently stand. To do this, we need to identify their needs and weaknesses. The next step is to ensure that each user understands why the individualized journey makes the most sense for him or her. The "why" and "how" count. With our training worlds, you can quickly and clearly bring this to your members and win them over in terms of content, motivation and enthusiasm. We want to go new, different training ways - away from the mainstream.

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