We are the milongroup. We simplify training.

The milongroup combines two leading brands in the field of professional training: milon and five. With our joint training worlds, we offer studios and health facilities around the world innovative equipment, modern methods and successful solutions that perfectly mesh and build on each other.

Based on the latest sports science and physiotherapy findings, the milongroup's training philosophy offers a perfect combination of strength and flexibility training for all age groups and training goals. This opens up numerous possibilities for operators as well as trainers and members for customized, individual training that is easy, safe and effective.


Training is our passion

"Training is our passion. Everything we do - every piece of equipment we build, every innovation we develop, every training method we design - basically has just one goal: to improve people's quality of life - whether old or young, competitive athletes, members or patients!"

Hubert Haupt, milongroup shareholder