Effective full body workout. Strength & endurance.

Fit in 17.5 minutes - Topfit in 34.5 minutes: The strength or endurance circuit offers an effective full-body workout for a broad target group. Using the interval method, up to twelve members or patients can train simultaneously. In this way, circuit training enables a high throughput with a heavy workload. The strength endurance circuit activates the metabolism and offers an ideal compressed strength and endurance training in a mix - for everyone.

Top fit in 34.5 minutes

By doing only two rounds in the milon circuit, exercisers achieve an optimal training effect for the entire body - in only 35 minutes.

Optimal utilization

In the milon circuit, up to twelve members can train simultaneously. This enables a high pass through with a heavy workload.

More time for support

All milon equipment automatically adjusts to the user and his training plan. This relieves your trainers and give them more time for support.

Strength endurance circuit

Big goals, little time? Our classic milon strength-endurance circuit offers an effective full-body workout in just 17.5 minutes.
Six strength machines and six cardio machines ensure a high pass through in a small area.

Our three milon Q strength-endurance circuits are composed of:

Strength Circuit

Full-body workout in just 17.5 minutes: The strength circuit consists of eight different strength machines that cover all relevant muscle groups.

Win-win-solution for everyone

Arranging the equipment in a circuit and using a set alternation of intensive training phases with short recovery phases facilitates effective and time-saving training. Using a circuit, a wide range of training objectives can be achieved quickly and lastingly. And incidentally, circuit training is fun and creates more variety than traditional strength or endurance Training. The  circuit  promotes  social contact and those doing training motivate each other. The milon circuit is also a great concept for studio operators with strong commercial impact.  A maximum of through-put is possible at a minimal space requirement. A higher support and service level can be achieved with even less staff. This in turn increases customer satisfaction, and fluctuation decreases. The milon circuit thus combines two essential factors for happiness: optimal training and optimal utilization.

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