Medical. Health with certified safety.

Targeted training can improve and accelerate the healing process - almost regardless of the type and degree of illness. That's why more and more clinics and healthcare facilities are relying on our training systems. Unique on the market is the certification of the milon Q equipment series according to the Medical Devices Act (MDA), which guarantees the highest level of safety. The biomechanically guided, digitally controlled and fully networked training can be individually tailored to each patient.

Easy. Safe. Effective.

At the same time, medical professionals can use the training and vital data to make even more precise diagnoses. This way, you can safely guide your patient from illness to recovery and make a long lasting commitment to their well-being. Interfaces such as HL7 (Health Level 7) allow you and your team to easily maintain control over the entire healing process. The administrative burden is minimized and you can ensure the sustainable well-being of patients and members.