milon YOU

Screening and testing in a new dimension

Your entry into the training of the future

Our new screening tool milon YOU offers the easiest and fastest entry into training. The onboarding process is shortened to the maximum, new fitness and agility tests with comprehensible evaluations provide even more motivation for the user. The highlight of the new milon YOU is the 3D avatar technology, which takes the training experience to a new level.

The milon YOU replaces the biometric body scanner milonizer, which revolutionized the onboarding and screening process in the studio many years ago. Onboarding within seconds simplifies and accelerates the initial introduction of the trainee. The body scan, including the detection of pain points, delivers the most precise results as a basis for the subsequent highly individualized health and fitness training.


3D Avatar Technology

The 3D avatar is both an image and a coach. It gives the user real- time feedback and guarantees a unique training experience at the highest technical level.

Screening & Testing

The milon YOU measures body lengths, detects pain points and offers numerous fitness and mobility tests that perfectly analyze the actual condition of the user.

Equipment setting

The determined data is transferred fully automatically to milon CARE. In this way, all milon equipment automatically adjusts to the individual requirements of the user.

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