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New owner of milongroup, Christian Jäger!

We are very excited to announce that since June 27, 2023, we have welcomed a new shareholder to our ranks! The Austrian multi-entrepreneur and industry expert Christian Jäger is the new owner of the milongroup – and he has big plans!

"To all customers and partners of the milongroup, I want to assure you that we have great ambitions and are focused on long-term sustainability," Jäger stated on the occasion of the change in shareholders.


However, Christian Jäger wants to be a champion of action rather than announcements and is currently not providing details about specific plans. What is certain is that he aims to strengthen our established fitness brands milon and five, particularly in terms of IT. With his own IT companies, he is well-equipped for this task. Further investments and acquisitions are also planned, which will sustainably support us as the milongroup. In the medium term, Jäger aims to build a globally operating healthcare conglomerate.

Bernd Reichle, CEO of milon Industries GmbH, expresses his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Christian Jäger: "We are looking forward to working with Christian Jäger. He is a successful entrepreneur and an experienced industry expert, who is fully dedicated to health and training. For the Jäger corporate group, the milongroup is an ideal addition to its portfolio. Consolidating under a common roof has the potential for numerous benefits - for us as well as for our customers. Christian Jäger's commitment is also a signal to the industry that the milongroup is strengthened and positively moving forward into the future.


With EasyMotionSkin, a company that has now grown into its own group of companies, Jäger successfully bridges the gap from an innovative EMS fitness equipment manufacturer to a digital healthcare technology company that successfully went public in 2021. Christian Jäger is a consummate entrepreneur. With hard work, a grand vision, and unwavering self-confidence, he created the Jäger corporate group in just a few years. Along his journey, the Tyrolean entrepreneur established well-known brands, catapulted startups into global markets, turned athletes into world champions, and revolutionized entire industries.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our former shareholder, Hubert Haupt, for his long-standing support and significant commitment! After many successful years, he now wishes to focus on his main business and views the sale as a step in the right direction: "Under the roof of the Jäger Corporate Group (UGJ), milon and five have the opportunity to continue to grow sustainably and healthily. They will also benefit from synergies with other UGJ companies. I find Christian Jäger's vision of building a globally operating healthcare conglomerate to be fantastic and wish him continued success and all the best on this path."

Wolf Harwath adds, "The change in shareholders opens up new perspectives for cooperation and technological advancement, especially in the IT and software areas. Together, we will continue to drive our innovation course from the past years and are already looking forward to introducing milon X in the fall – the most advanced pulley concept in the world. We welcome Christian Jäger to the milongroup family and would like to thank Hubert Haupt for his significant and long-term commitment with many important strategic decisions.”


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