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Update now available: milon Q snake

With the new snake-shaped training visualization, your members or patients can now train even more effectively, safely and with greater motivation. The unique thing about it is that the shape of the snake has been configured separately for each strength equipment, training motif and level - always with the aim of enabling correct and maximally clean movement sequences at the appropriate speed. This guarantees optimal training stimuli.


Even simpler. Even safer. Even more intuitive.


With some machines, longer holding phases make sense, for example when rowing. With other machines, such as the chest press, which is held in an almost extended joint, shorter holding phases are required. milon Q snake takes these differences into account: the optimal reversal and movement speed as well as holding phase have been determined and adjusted for each machine. This also applies to the respective training goal, whether muscle building, weight loss or freedom from pain. We want to make sure that the movement execution of your exercisers is always of the best possible quality.

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