Screening. Strength tests. Selfawarness.

The first contact: Mobility tests and bioimpedance analyses provide information about the physical fitness and possible problems. Only those who recognize why they train will be successful and motivated.


milon YOU

milon YOU offers the fastest and easiest way to start the training. Within seconds, the innovative scan system measures the body based on biometric markers. Within moments, the equipment are optimally adjusted. Together with the integrated fitness and mobility tests and regular re-checks, a comprehensive actual analysis of the members current performance level is created. All the data obtained can be used fully automatically for precise and individual pre-setting of our Equipment and personal training plans.



The running school

The more efficiently your body moves, the easier it is for you to perform - and avoid injuries. First, your running style is analyzed within the background of comprehensive entry tests and a meaningful video screening, secondly by existing movement patterns through speed, reaction and jump tests.
Brain and muscles are linked.
Therefore it is an important step in the running school is to train exactly this unit, to improve the control of the muscles and to reprogram the movement pattern.