Our drive. We shape the training of the future.

Training is in a state of upheaval. The focus is no longer on the body cult, but on health and quality of life. Strength, flexibility and mind training are among the most effective weapons against all kinds of diseases of civilization. Even in the fight against sarcopenia, the increasing loss of muscle strength with age, regular fitness and health training is without alternative. This is where we come in. Training today has to discover new ground. It must offer individual solutions that are tailored to and understandable for every person and every training motivation - whether competitive athlete or patient, beginner or professional.

Our Mission:

We are designing the fitness and health training of the future. For everyone. For every training goal.

We want to attract, motivate and inspire all people, from young to old, for fitness and health training.

Why? Because everyone needs real training. We are getting older and more comfortable and move less and less. If you want to live without physical and mental limitations even in old age and keep your quality of life high for a long time, proper training is the only solution.


For over 50 years, we have been committed to this every day.