We are five. Mobility for the whole body.

five is the pioneer of modern fascia and mobility training that liberates the body. With the motto "mobility comes before stability", the concept turns old ways of thinking upside down. Unlike passive stretching, all exercises on the five machines are geared towards active, opening muscle length training.

Mobility before stability.

Our five training thus lays the foundation for pain-free mobility and quality of life that lasts into old age. In the process, the entire body is stretched against its habits, with simultaneous muscle strain. Just four to five backward movements per day can positively change the way the body feels.

five is "Made in Germany". The manufacturing of our five devices, which are mainly made of the natural products wood and leather, takes place in the Black Forest. All products are characterized by first-class design, high-quality materials and genuine handwork.

Five can influence and optimise the entire muscular and fascial system. If five is combined with milonÔÇÖs intelligent strength training, an increased strength development of the musculature is achieved by extending the range of motion.